The sun rises and so it sets
The moon comes out as the stars start to twinkle
The wolves come out on nights like this
They feed after dark
On the tortured souls
The sensative people
They are hungry for me and hungry for you
You better run in the night
Hide behind the trees in the twilight
Hope the dark of night will be your cover
Until the morning rays
Climb over the hills
Over the trees
Warm and comforting
Like a lover’s embrace
The sun chases away your nightmares
And you are sweet in your bed and satin night clothes
It is all a bad dream
You are safe in the sun,
But your solace starts to crack
What if the wolves are just outside my window?
Waiting for the moon to rise again
Night or Day?
Which is the dream?
And which is real?
Do the wolves keep you up at night or are you fast asleep?

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